Criminal Charges

Criminal Charges

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Criminal Charges

A Criminal Charge Is What Begins A Criminal Case In Court

As a top Philadelphia criminal lawyer, Peter J Scuderi understands your rights, how to get you the most favorable punishments, and how to handle the prosecution.

The trial process begins immediately after arrest. Subsequent to the suspect being arrested, they are fingerprinted, photographed, and their information is placed into the system. In certain cases, you will be incarcerated on criminal charges or held overnight in jail.

Oftentimes, a person is set on the bail schedule. Even before the actual sentencing trial begins, it is prudent to meet with a qualified, defense attorney, to ensure that your arrest was authorized and to begin any preliminary information gathering motions which pertain to time-sensitive materials.

Philadelphia criminal lawyerA Philadelphia criminal lawyer can advise you of your rights, and how to handle contacts with the police. It can be very helpful to have an attorney intercede on your behalf before a warrant has been issued, as he may be able to influence the prosecutor's "charging decision.”

It is especially beneficial to know the name of a great criminal defense attorney before the trial process begins. A person may not even know if they have been brought up on criminal charges. If they are worried they may have been charged with a crime they can contact an attorney to find out if they were charged.

A police officer may also arrest someone after they investigate the possible crime they committed In the Philadelphia area, this can lead to the case being dismissed before trial or the outcome of the case being swayed towards the defense. This is due to the many superb Philadelphia criminal lawyers, extremely practiced and devoted defense attorneys.

The beginning of the trial may be the most important part. During attorneys time period, the attorneys begin gathering evidence and crafting defense. While the prosecution works to find incriminating evidence, the defense compiles character witnesses, background information, alibis and begins interviewing prospective witnesses.

Despite its importance, it is not the most vital part when facing possible criminal charges in the trial stage is the juror selection. It is the duty of the defense attorney to approve the most favorable jurors and reject those who seem prejudicial, closed-minded or otherwise biased against the defense.

Philadelphians, as well as any person charged with a crime, can benefit from hiring a qualified criminal defense attorney. This can mean the difference between incarceration and freedom at the end of a case. A good lawyer at the beginning of the trial process can mean all of the difference.

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