Criminal Law Resources

Criminal Law Resources

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Helpful Resources for Philadelphia PA Residents Facing Criminal Charges

Links, news, information, and articles as a source of information about Philadelphia Pennsylvania criminal law including information about crimes, criminal procedures, offenses, and your rights.

  • What is Criminal Law: Criminal law is a specific body of law that relates to crime that is defined by the state as any actions that harm, threaten, or endanger the public. Philadelphia criminal law statutes are controlled at the Pennsylvania state level.
  • What is a Criminal Lawyer: A criminal lawyer is a lawyer that has a specific understanding of the criminal code in that state they practice. The criminal lawyer works to defend those persons accused of criminal activities and seeks to work with the court system to obtain the most favorable outcome.
  • Criminal Charges: Any criminal court proceeding is pre-empted by a criminal charge that is brought upon the accused party. If you are facing criminal charges in Philadelphia, you should seek a criminal attorney before the charges are brought.
  • What are Court Briefs: The brief in the criminal court system is a short document presented to the court arguing why the case should be heard. Briefs include trial briefs, court briefs, appellate briefs, and IRAC case briefs.
  • About the Pennsylvania Criminal Code: The PA criminal code are crimes and offenses defined by the State of pennsylvania as criminal in nature. The PA criminal code is also known as the "PA Crimes Code".

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