Philadelphia Drug Possession Lawyer

Philadelphia Drug Possession Lawyer

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Philadelphia Drug Possession Lawyer

Drug Possession Lawyer for State Police or Federal DEA Arrests

Aggressive defense against state or federal drug possession charges including possession of marijuana, cocaine, meth, heroin, extacy, PCP, LSD, prescription pain pills, and any other illegal narcotic.

Philadelphia Drug Possession LawyerDrug possession is a common charge that is faced by many Philadelphians. Innocent bystanders are sometimes arrested on this charge, individuals who were simply “in the wrong place at the wrong time” and are now in serious legal trouble.

Because of its seriousness, individuals charged with drug posession need a competent Philadelphia Drug Possession Lawyer because the charge can prove to be devastating when attempting to seek employment or in many other situations where background checks are necessary.

Defend Your Rights and Freedom with an Experienced Philadelphia Drug Possession Lawyer

We at the law offices of Peter J. Scuderi will make sure that you are not unfairly prosecuted and will fight to have your charges dismissed or your penalties reduced. An arrest does not mean a conviction is definite. Let our Philadelphia Drug Possession Lawyers handle your case and get to the facts. When drug possession charges are being assessed, it is important to know the factors that are sentencing includes. A good Philadelphia Drug Possession Lawyer will make sure that all of the factors are known and are handled appropriately.

Some factors that can affect sentencing include:

  • Type of Drug: Drug possession charges can vary in severity depending on the type of drug allegedly possessed. Alleged heroin possession carries more severe consequences than possession of marijuana. A good lawyer will ensure that sentencing, if it occurs, is proportionate and that one is not subjected to unnecessary punishment.
  • Abuse as a factor: In many cases, the situation surrounding a possession arrest coincides with a "mitigate your penalty through an alternative sentence involving rehabilitation for"substance abuse issue. If this is the case, we hold the conviction that addictions to illegal narcotics or prescription medication must be dealt with, even in the context of a criminal case.
  • Former History: For many who are facing their first charge or arrest, rights are not understood or made known clearly. They can become disoriented or mislead about the severity of their potential sentencing. We at the office of Peter J. Scuderi will work to reduce or remove charges from first-time offenders.

If convicted, sentences can vary greatly depending on a multitude of factors specific to your case. A Philadelphia Drug Possession Lawyer from the law offices of Peter J. Scuderi can help you understand the minimum sentencing for your crime. Our office will provide you with an honest evaluation of the potential fines or jail time you might incur if convicted.

Even when the evidence is so strong that a conviction is inevitable, our Philadelphia Drug Possession Lawyers use effective strategies to minimize the negative consequences. We will use all of our expertise and considerable skills to help try to reduce or remove charges when possible. If you are under investigation for a drug possession related crime or if you have been charged, contact us.

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