Philadelphia Expungement Lawyer, Philadelphia Pardon Attorney

Philadelphia Expungement Lawyer, Philadelphia Pardon Attorney

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Looking for an Expungement or Pardon?

Philadelphia Criminal Record Attorney

Peter J. Scuderi will work for a pardon or to have your record cleared of any arrests from criminal charges.

Philadelphia Drug Manufacturing LawyerA criminal record can be a huge detriment to a person.  Employers often run background checks on prospective employees, relationships may be more difficult to start when people find out about a criminal past, and landlords and other building owners may turn down applicants for apartments.

Even once you’ve served your time, a prior arrest can still ruin your life. That is why it is important to employ the services of a Philadelphia Expungement Lawyer. The best Philadelphia Expungement Lawyers can be found at the law offices of Peter J. Scuderi, a champion of criminal defense in the area.

Expungements are nearly impossible to obtain without a properly trained and experienced lawyer. The expungement process is complicated and rife with legal jargon that is difficult to understand. A great Philadelphia expungement lawyer, however, will be able to safely navigate their clients through the process that can help their life in so many ways.

A Philadelphia Expungement Lawyer That Will Help You Get A New Start

Expungements do not apply to those who have been convicted of crimes and currently still incarcerated. In this case, a person would need a pardon, which is granted through either a pardon board or a government official. A Philadelphia Pardon Attorney can assist you in this regard. Expungements, on the other hand, apply to those who have arrests but not convictions on their records and for those who have already served their time for nonviolent crimes. It takes much longer to remove a conviction from a record than an arrest.

For violent crimes and other dangerous crimes where the sentence has been served, the crime can only be expunged from the record after the waiting period is over and the offender has turned seventy. Few people are willing to go through the trouble of seeking an expungement at this point, so they are unpopular in this sort of situation. A Philadelphia expungement lawyer will be able to review your case and assess whether they are able to have your record expunged. In the case that a pardon is needed, they will direct you towards a Philadelphia Pardon Attorney willing to handle your case.

Peter J. Scuderi, esq. is not only a Philadelphia Expungement Lawyer, but also a qualified and skilled Philadelphia Pardon Attorney. No matter what your post-sentencing needs, he and his legal team will be able to manage your case with the best of their abilities. They are renowned throughout the area for their dedication to each case and their determination to have records clear. Contact the law offices of Peter J. Scuderi to see how he can protect your rights and liberties.

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Peter J. Scuderi is an attorney in Philadelphia specializing in criminal defense. Mr. Scuderi also serves Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware, and Chester Counties in addition to serving those in Philadelphia County. He is among the best lawyers in Pennsylvania, committed to assisting clients who need high quality legal representation.

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