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Philadelphia Forfeiture Lawyer, Asset & Property Forfeiture Attorney

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Philadelphia Forfeiture Lawyer

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Peter J. Scuderi works for you to protect against asset and property forfeiture and prevent permanent confiscation by authorities.

Philadelphia Forfeiture Lawyer, Philadelphia Forfeiture AttorneyNo practice in the American legal system generates as much confusion or controversy as ‘forfeiture.’ Also known as asset forfeiture, the process allows the government to seize property that they have probable cause to believe was used in criminal activity.

The procedure of forfeiture does not mirror many similar legal proceedings and can become extremely disorienting for defendants. It is important, if facing forfeiture, to consult with an experienced Philadelphia Forfeiture Lawyer from the law offices of Peter J. Scuderi in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to understand your rights and options.

Protect Your Assets and Personal Property with an Experienced Philadelphia Forfeiture Lawyer

Property subject to forfeiture is divided into three categories. Drugs, smuggled goods and other contraband compose the first category. Another category is proceeds or profits from illegal activity. Funds may be seized and held even if you have not yet been convicted of a crime, and despite a lack of proof they resulted from illegal activity. An experienced Philadelphia Forfeiture Attorney knows how to defend clients facing forfeiture and related crimes. We understand the problems caused when your property is unfairly taken from you.

Besides the three asset subsections, forfeiture proceedings are also broken down into two types of proceedings; civil and criminal. Criminal forfeiture is a disciplinary measure taken against a defendant after a conviction, where the government seizes property as a part of the verdict. Regardless of what crime you are charged with, our Philadelphia Forfeiture Attorney can provide legal representation in forfeiture proceedings as well as criminal trials.

While a crime has to be proved ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’, a forfeiture requires a lesser degree of proof. The courts only needs to show a predominance of evidence that obtained the property around the time of the crime and that it was unlikely it came from any other source. A Philadelphia Forfeiture Lawyer from the Law Offices of Peter J. Scuderi will work tirelessly to defend you or a loved one from these claims.

Civil forfeiture, the more common type, actions proceed against the property itself, which is the defendant in the case rather than the owner.  The owner of the property then acts as a third party claimant who only may present evidence proving the innocence of the property. A criminal charge or conviction is not necessary before the government can seize property. This, naturally, is the more controversial.

The subtleties and nuances of forfeiture are abundant. It takes a skilled and experienced attorney to be able to successfully navigate their client through the legal proceedings. The law offices of Peter J. Scuderi work tirelessly to recover their clients’ property; you can be assured your Philadelphia Forfeiture Lawyer will employ forceful advocacy designed to obtain results.

We will fight for your rights and work around the government’s actions to recover your property. If you or a loved one has had property seized, contact the law offices of Peter J. Scuderi for a highly experienced Philadelphia Forfeiture Lawyer.

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