Philadelphia Gun Possession Lawyer, Philadelphia Firearms Criminal Lawyer

Philadelphia Gun Possession Lawyer, Philadelphia Firearms Criminal Lawyer

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Philadelphia Gun Possession Lawyer

Philadelphia Gun Crimes / Gun Possession Lawyers

Help for anyone arrested in Philadelphia PA for possession of a firearm or trafficking firearms. We work with you to avoid conviction for illegal firearm charges.

Philadelphia Gun Possession Lawyer, Philadelphia Firearms Criminal LawyerA conviction of a weapons offense is serious and involves mandatory minimum sentences. At the Law Office of Peter J. Scuderi in Philadelphia, we recognize the possible consequences and work diligently to build your defense and protect your rights. We make sure you are represented by a knowledgeable Philadelphia Firearms Criminal Lawyer that will work hard to defend your rights.

No matter how serious the charges are, you have rights that need protection from a great Philadelphia Gun Possession Lawyer. Our job is to identify the best course of action for your criminal case to achieve the best outcome, which may involve plea bargaining or a trial. Even though mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines exist, we can find creative ways to reduce incarceration time through alternative sentencing.

While possession of a firearm or deadly weapon on its own is a serious charge, it can take another sentencing situation and exacerbate it. A knowledgeable Philadelphia Firearms Criminal Lawyer from the Law Offices of Peter J. Scuderi understands this is an important point because, while the minimum sentence for possessing an illegal weapon is concrete, it can compound with drug or assault charges to worsen a situation.

Choose a Philadelphia Gun Possession Lawyer that Will Defend Against All Related Charges

For example, if one is convicted of drug possession with intent to deliver and an illegal handgun is brought in as a factor then fifty months of jail time is added to a sentence. An experienced Philadelphia Gun Possession Lawyer will help you defend against all related charges, in addition to weapons possession charges. Certainly one wouldn’t want an already severe charge to be compounded and made worse. It is then of the utmost importance to have legal counsel of a knowledgeable and experienced Philadelphia Gun Possession Lawyer. We at the law offices of Peter J. Scuderi have extensive experience defending those accused of weapons violations.

We specialize in both misdemeanor and felony charges ranging from unlawful possession of firearms, to Possession of an Instrument of Crime (PIC), to violations of the Uniform Firearms Act (VUFA), to Assault with a Deadly Weapon (ADW) and other serious crimes.

Using our diligent defense strategies and proven approach to a successful defense against weapons charges, we at the law offices of Peter J. Scuderi are confident in our ability to negate or simplify any weapons possession charges. We know that an experienced Philadelphia Firearms Criminal Lawyer will consider the whole situation and look at all available options for your defense.

We will fight tirelessly for the rights of the accused and will utilize all of our skill when crafting a defense. If you’ve been charged with a weapons crime in Pennsylvania, contact us for legal representation by an experienced Philadelphia Gun Possession Lawyer.

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