Philadelphia Internet Child Pornography Defense Lawyer

Philadelphia Internet Child Pornography Defense Lawyer

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Philadelphia Internet Child Pornography Lawyer

Criminal Defense Attorney for Child Pornography Charges in Philadelphia

Criminal defense for any persons facing internet child pornography charges including possession or trafficking of images if children engaged in sex acts or using a computer or the internet distribution or storage of child pornography.

Philadelphia Internet Child Pornography Defense LawyerThere is never a situation in which possession of child pornography is taken lightly. When one faces child pornography charges, they are facing serious penalties, including extended jail time, serious fines and registration on the national sex offender list.

A conviction of this nature can entirely ruin many job opportunities, the ability to live in certain communities and the relationships many have formed. It is imperative if someone is facing internet child pornography charges that they have a top-notch Philadelphia Internet Child Pornography Defense Lawyer to help either prove their innocence or to help them deal with this extremely serious situation.

What makes internet child pornography different from simple possession of child pornography? Essentially, nothing. The charges are virtually identical in punishment and what are entailed offenses. The difference is how the evidence is gathered.

Legal Representation by a Philadelphia Internet Child Pornography Defense Lawyer

Online violations are uncovered by law enforcement investigators who track IP addresses in order to determine who visitors to an illegal site are and where they are located. Using information gathered themselves and obtained from others using search warrants, law enforcement can then identify visitors to the website.

They are also able to figure out who made the website, uploaded and hosted it on the internet. In addition, they can find out who has been sending and receiving illegal images (sharing illegal material). Routinely, law enforcement officials will enter chat rooms and pose as either underage teens or purveyors of child pornography in order to crack down on Internet child pornography and crimes against children.

The penalties for possession of child pornography are always severe. In any possession case, a Philadelphia Internet Child Pornography Defense Lawyer must fully comprehend how the rules of evidence and discovery operate in federal cases and what sorts of defenses are available.

While consequences are oftentimes inevitable, a Philadelphia Internet Child Pornography Defense Lawyer of quality will make sure that the court fully understands the circumstances surrounding the possession.

If the possession was accidental or if there was entrapment by law enforcement officials, if the offender is addicted to drugs or alcohol, if the offender was a victim of sexual abuse, the courts may be more lenient. A great Philadelphia Internet Child Pornography Defense Lawyer will also ensure that these details are revealed to the court from the outset of the trial.

It is almost impossible to recover from an internet child pornography charge. In these cases, it is best to hire a diligent and aggressive Philadelphia Internet Child Pornography Defense Lawyer to fight for your rights. Don’t trust your freedom to an under experienced, insufficient lawyer. If you or a loved one has been accused of possession of internet child pornography, contact the law offices of Peter J. Scuderi.

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