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Philadelphia Online Solicitation LawyerOnline Solicitation is a relatively new offense that did not originate until the information age. These cases usually revolve around allegations of solicitation for illegal sexual acts using the internet as the mode of solicitation.

It is vitally important to have a Philadelphia Online Solicitation Lawyer represent the accused as early as possible in these cases. Online solicitation cases can generate the same issues and aftershock as other sex crimes, and have the same consequences if found guilty.

Although solicitation online can also lead to prostitution charges, it most commonly refers to the solicitation of illegal acts from minors using the internet as a medium. Online solicitation charges are oftentimes compounded with fraud charges as many who are charged with this crime also posed as teens or another underage person while soliciting.

Defend Against Unjust Charges with a Philadelphia Online Solicitation Lawyer

One loophole presented in online solicitation cases is the use of entrapment by police or other law enforcement officials to catch predators. While it is important that the United States’ children are protected, it can often lead to the arrest of innocent bystanders. Sometimes, people who think they are communicating with other adults on the Internet are actually having an online chat with police or FBI agents posing as adults or other children.

These undercover agents might mention at some point in the conversation that they are or could be underage and subsequently arrest anyone suspected of online solicitation. In some instances, people who have no real intention of having sex with a minor are arrested and convicted. In some cases, people who are just talking in a non-predatory manner are tempted by police entrapment. Without a skilled Philadelphia online solicitation lawyer, they may find themselves in prison.

Online solicitation, like many other sex crimes, carries a minimum sentence in the state of Pennsylvania. This can horribly damage the reputation of an individual charged with online solicitation. An experienced Philadelphia online solicitation lawyer is necessary in any online solicitation case to ensure the protection of both reputation and liberty.

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