Philadelphia Police Brutality Lawyers, Police Misconduct Lawyers

Philadelphia Police Brutality Lawyers, Police Misconduct Lawyers

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Justice for Victims of Police Brutality and Misconduct in Philadelphia

We are committed to protecting your civil rights that have been violated as a result of misconduct by a Philadelphia police officer. We seek justice for the persons whose rights have been violated as well as their families.

Philadelphia Police Brutality Lawyers, Philadelphia Police Misconduct LawyersIt's difficult to feel secure, especially after being charged with a crime. If brutality or other abuse was endured during the arrest, few feel comfortable enough to bring it up. Many feel as if the police will be entirely protected, or that they have fewer rights because of their offense. This is not the case, and defendants in criminal cases are entitled to the same rights and protections as the police. Philadelphia police brutality lawyers of the Law Offices of Peter J. Scuderi can provide you with the legal counsel you need to ensure your rights are protected.

At times, the police who are supposed to protect us act outside of their authority, often causing serious physical, psychological and emotional injuries to the defendants in cases. Defending the accused is a core practice of the law offices of Peter J. Scuderi, and we know how to deal with police officers who violate the public's trust. Our Philadelphia police misconduct lawyers aggressively fight against police brutality and ensure that our clients attain redress for their mistreatment.

Defend Attacts On Your Personal Liberty With Philadelphia Police Brutality Lawyers

Police brutality most is defined as when the police use excessive use force, make improper or illegal arrests, or falsely imprison a person. When police officers use excessive force or make a false arrest, they have violated a person’s civil rights, as well as their state and federal Constitutional rights. Anyone who has suffered at the hands of police brutality has to right make claims against them under state and federal law, and our Philadelphia police misconduct lawyers are here to help.

At the law offices of Peter J. Scuderi, we are experienced as Philadelphia police brutality lawyers.We have provided representation in cases in which our clients have experienced police brutality, as well as being defendants. We are resolute in our belief that the right of protection from abuse is extended to offenders.

A number of police brutality cases we encounter, based on the facts involved, should be investigated right away. Oftentimes, the difference between losing a case and winning it comes down to whether or not not your Philadelphia Police Misconduct Lawyer acted fast enough in this regard. If you or a loved one believes that you have been a victim of police brutality, contact our Philadelphia police brutality lawyers.

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