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Philadelphia Search & Seizure Attorney

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Have You Been Unlawfully Stopped and Searched?

Protection in Philadelphia Drug Crime Cases by Defending Against Illegal Search & Seizure

If you are facing any drug charges including possession, manufacturing, or distribution, certain evidence that has been obtained without a warrant may be inadmissible. You need a Philadelphia criminal lawyer who understands search and seizure laws and who can defend your rights.

PPhiladelphia Search & Seizure AttorneyWhen one has been accused of a crime or is under investigation, usually the furthest thing from their mind is if their rights have been violated. Usually, one in such a situation is so occupied with dealing with the charges that they are not paying attention to their own personal fourth amendment rights.

If, during the course of your investigation, you believe that your fourth amendment rights may have been violated, it is best to contact a qualified and experienced Philadelphia Search & Seizure Attorney.

Protect Your Fourth Amendment Rights With A Philadelphia Search & Seizure Attorney

The fourth amendment protects citizens from unlawful search and seizure. In order to conduct a proper search of someone's home, car, office or person, law enforcement officials must have a search warrant supported by probable cause. Evidence found without a warrant is inadmissible in court, and a lawyer of quality should try to determine if all evidence gathered for a trial is usable before proceedings begin.

However, if the law firm you originally employed to help with your trial failed you on this aspect, or simply did not check at all, then you may be able to utilize the legal system for your own justice. Simply because one has been convicted of a crime does not mean that the legal system cannot also be on their side. A qualified Philadelphia Search & Seizure Attorney will closely consider if your rights were violated when preparing your defense in court.

The law offices of Peter J. Scuderi are experienced in federal criminal with in-depth knowledge of federal law and procedure. If your rights have been violated in any way by law enforcement officials, a Philadelphia Search & Seizure Attorney will employ forceful advocacy designed to obtain results.

Our commitment to liberty for all of our clients means that we will carefully review the facts of your case and examine all evidence to make sure it was procured legally. If we find that your rights have been violated, then we will determinedly or aggressively fight for you in the courts. If you believe that your rights may have been violated during a case, contact us to be represented by a Philadelphia Search & Seizure Attorney who will work hard to represent you.

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