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Philadelphia Sex Crimes Lawyer

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Sex Crimes Attorney in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Sex Crimes Attorney for Sexual Based Offenses

Sex crime attorney in Philadelphia for allegations, suspicion, or conviction of any sex crimes including molestation, rape (date & spousal), sexual assault, or any deviant sexual behavior including prostitution, exposure, or unwanted contact.

Philadelphia Sex Crimes LawyerSexual Crimes, better known as 'sex offenses', run the virtual gamut from prostitution to possession of child pornography. All of these offenses can ruin futures, reputations and job standings.

Many of these offenses entail placement on the National Sex Offender Registry. Due to the grim consequences attached to a sex crime conviction, it is imperative to retain an experienced Philadelphia Sex crimes lawyer, whether or not a crime was actually committed.

Ensure A Fair Trial With A Philadelphia Sex Crimes Lawyer

Sexual offenses and sex crimes are usually charged as felonies. While they are not necessarily felony charges, it is the decision of the prosecutor as what type of charge to press. Certain crimes, like indecent exposure, are usually charged as misdemeanors. It is valuable to understand how sex crimes are charged as it will aid attorneys when crafting defenses, weighing options or understanding punishment possibilities.

Witnesses are seldom involved during the trial periods of sex offense cases. Due to the fact that there is then no definitive ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to whether the offense had been committed or not, it will take a very skilled Philadelphia sex crimes lawyer to maintain innocence.

Information in these cases is often insufficient and weak, and an expert defense attorney will make sure that this is known to the jury or judge. Because the strength of the evidence is often unsatisfactory, to adequately defend a case involving sexual assault, complete knowledge of information is vital. 

As well, a defense lawyer must also emphasize the other factors in a case. The available defenses vary greatly from crime to crime, but may include consent, insufficient evidence, innocence, and other defenses. In many cases, mitigating circumstances may reduce or negate criminal culpability.

Many jobs require background checks and few would accept a registered sex offender as a potential candidate. Housing becomes an issue as well, as many crime convictions limit the places people can live. It can also cause potential embarrassment as one placed on this list must introduce themselves to their neighbors as a sex offender, not as a neighbor or reformed member of the community.

When facing sex offense charges, it is a necessity to seek superior legal counsel. The Philadelphia sex crimes lawyers at the law offices of Peter J. Scuderi are experienced and skilled in handling the defense of accused sex offenders.

Our team is tenacious and fierce in our fight to protect your liberty and rights. We will attempt to reduce punishment or mitigate conviction. If you or a loved one is facing charges like these, contact the law offices of Peter J. Scuderi for the chance to contact the best Philadelphia sex crimes lawyers.

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