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Peter J. Scuderi is The Criminal Lawyer in Philadelphia for Criminal Defense

While the term ‘Philadelphia lawyer’ definitely applies to those practicing law in the city of Philadelphia, it also is a legal term. Referring to the particular prowess of a lawyer, the term ‘Philadelphia lawyer’ is used as a way to venerate particularly adept attorneys. Peter J. Scuderi, esq. is a Philadelphia lawyer in both senses of the term. He has offices in the city as well as considerable reputation and skill in litigation.

Becoming commonly used in 1788, the phrase “He [she] is a true Philadelphia lawyer” refers to a one who knows the most detailed and minute points of law or is an exceptionally competent lawyer. The phrase came into usage as it referenced the famed lawyer Andrew Hamilton, who defended John Peter Zenger in the earliest landmark libel case in the United States.

Tales of Hamilton’s skill spread quickly throughout the country, and his skill was attributed to his being from Philadelphia. From that point on, this term came to be a way of praising those who excel in the court room, even if they’re not necessarily from Philadelphia. The city of Philadelphia, one of the oldest in the nation, has a rich history of excellence in legal proceedings.   Between the sheer age of the city and its high ideals of liberty, issues of criminality, constitutionality and civility have been common throughout its history.

Naturally, the city still has myriads of wonderful lawyers, committed to justice and their clients. These Philadelphia lawyers shares a prestigious history with the city. They continue to uphold the high standards of liberty, even today.

Utilizing his consummate skill and experience, Peter J. Scuderi, Esq. is a true Philadelphia lawyer. His reputation precedes him in the industry and the area as one of the leaders in criminal defense. He provides service to those in the city of Philadelphia as well as to those in the surrounding area. Using not only the regional tradition of legal excellence, he defends and protects the rights and liberties of all of his clients.

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Peter J. Scuderi is an attorney in Philadelphia specializing in criminal defense. Mr. Scuderi also serves Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware, and Chester Counties in addition to serving those in Philadelphia County. He is among the best lawyers in Pennsylvania, committed to assisting clients who need high quality legal representation.

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