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Philadelphia Assault & Battery Attorney

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Philadelphia Assault & Battery AttorneyAssault and battery, while related, are two totally different charges. While one can be arrested for assault without being arrested for battery, it is usually impossible to be charged with battery without first being charged for assault. In the overall of the legal system, these are two fairly common charges and are very common place. The Law Offices of Peter J. Scuderi, a Philadelphia Assault & Battery Attorney, understands the key differences between these two charges, and can prepare the best defense.

Minors, adolescents and even those who intended not to do any actual harm to a person can be charged with assault. It is best for any person who is being charged with Assault & Battery to employ the services of a qualified and tenacious legal team, like the one found at the law offices of Peter J. Scuderi, a Philadelphia Assault & Battery Attorney. 

Assault is generally defined as the attempt or threat of physical bodily harm to a person. This can be either simple, which means it is just a verbal or written threat without any equipment, or an aggravated assault, in which a weapon is used. Most commonly, aggravated assault occurs when the defendant is in possession of a weapon.

Battery, on the other hand, occurs simply when the person charged with assault makes contact with the victim. This can be as simple as a shove or a push or as severe as to impart serious bodily injury. Peter J. Scuderi is a Philadelphia Assault & Battery Attorney that works tirelessly to defend his clients charged with assault or Assault & Battery.

Sentencing during an assault & battery trial depends on several factors:

  • Motive: If the victim was verbally or psychologically provoking the alleged attacker to action, then charges can be either dropped or less severe. If the attack occurred out of perceived self-defense then that needs to be taken into account. A person who assaulted with the intent to rape or physically injure the victim would incur more serious penalties, by comparison.
  • Reason for Charges: The motivation behind the charges being pressed is also taken into consideration by the courts. A person who had several broken bones or a and tissue injury due to an assault would have more credibility during sentencing than a person who was pushed mildly but is demanding severe retribution. A good lawyer would be able to point this out to the courts and make sure that justice was served in a way that was proportional to the assault.
  • Mental Situation: A mentally ill or unstable person or someone who was under extreme duress should not be charged as severely for a crime if they have quality legal counsel. For example, a bullied teenager who snapped and physically assaulted their tormentor's situation should be made plain for the jury by their legal counsel.
  • Circumstances: There are other extenuating circumstances that could be brought to the attention of the court by the legal counsel. Drugs, known weapons or other factors of that nature can morph the way that sentencing occurs. A legal team of quality will make sure that these factors do not disqualify or hinder their clients' justice.

Choose an Expert Philadelphia Assault & Battery Attorney to Work Hard in Your Defense

When one is facing an assault & battery charge, one cannot afford to put their potential liberty in the hands of an unqualified lawyer. It is then only sensible to employ a top-notch, aggressive legal counsel when facing a charge of this nature.

The law offices of Peter J. Scuderi is more than capable of handling any assault or battery charge. If you are faced with a charge of such nature, we are the Philadelphia Assault & Battery Attorney office you should contact..

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