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Philadelphia criminal lawyer with experience defending assault, battery, or assault & battery cases in Philadelphia and vicinity.

Assault and battery, while related, are two totally different charges. While one can be arrested for assault without being arrested for battery, it is usually impossible to be charged with battery without first being charged for assault. In the overall of the legal system, these are two fairly common charges and are very common place., a Philadelphia Assault & Battery Attorney, understands the key differences between these two charges, and can prepare the best defense.

Minors, adolescents and even those who intended not to do any actual harm to a person can be charged with assault. It is best for any person who is being charged with Assault & Battery to employ the services of a qualified and tenacious legal team, like the one found at our law firm, a Philadelphia Assault & Battery Attorney.

Criminal Assault Definition

Assault is generally defined as the attempt or threat of physical bodily harm to a person. This can be either simple, which means it is just a verbal or written threat without any equipment, or an aggravated assault, in which a weapon is used. Most commonly, aggravated assault occurs when the defendant is in possession of a weapon.

Criminal Battery Definition

Battery, on the other hand, occurs simply when the person charged with assault makes contact with the victim. This can be as simple as a shove or a push or as severe as to impart serious bodily injury. Our experienced attorney is a Philadelphia Assault & Battery Attorney that works tirelessly to defend his clients charged with assault or Assault & Battery.

Sentencing during an assault & battery trial:

  • Motive: If the victim was verbally or psychologically provoking the alleged attacker to action, then charges can be either dropped or less severe. If the attack occurred out of perceived self-defense then that needs to be taken into account. A person who assaulted with the intent to rape or physically injure the victim would incur more serious penalties, by comparison.
  • Reason for Charges: The motivation behind the charges being pressed is also taken into consideration by the courts. A person who had several broken bones or a and tissue injury due to an assault would have more credibility during sentencing than a person who was pushed mildly but is demanding severe retribution. A good lawyer would be able to point this out to the courts and make sure that justice was served in a way that was proportional to the assault.
  • Mental Situation: A mentally ill or unstable person or someone who was under extreme duress should not be charged as severely for a crime if they have quality legal counsel. For example, a bullied teenager who snapped and physically assaulted their tormentor’s situation should be made plain for the jury by their legal counsel.
  • Circumstances: There are other extenuating circumstances that could be brought to the attention of the court by the legal counsel. Drugs, known weapons or other factors of that nature can morph the way that sentencing occurs. A legal team of quality will make sure that these factors do not disqualify or hinder their clients’ justice.

Top 10 Philadelphia Assault & Battery Lawyers

When one is facing an assault & battery charge, one cannot afford to put their potential liberty in the hands of an unqualified lawyer. It is then only sensible to employ a top-notch, aggressive legal counsel when facing a charge of this nature.

Our law firm is more than capable of handling any assault or battery charge. If you are faced with a charge of such nature, we are the Philadelphia Assault & Battery Attorney office you should contact.

1. Mattiacci Law, LLC

The Philadelphia assault and battery attorneys at Mattiacci Law have handled several cases involving assault and battery over the years. These cases have been brought in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey in a variety of settings, many including actions against security employees of various types of businesses.

Assault and battery cases involve specific challenges. An experienced Philadelphia assault and battery lawyer can help navigate those challenges and help you get compensated for your injuries and damages. –

2. Morgan & Morgan

The state of Pennsylvania doesn’t have a specific statute relating to battery. Instead, the statutes refer to simple assault and aggravated assault. The standard definition of assault is the threat of doing bodily or mental harm to a person. On the other hand, battery refers to the actual harm done. In Philadelphia, assault is an intentional tort as well as a crime. That means the state may prosecute the defendant in criminal court, and you may sue the defendant in civil court. You may also hear assault referred to as assault and battery.

If you believe you’re a victim of assault in Philadelphia, contact Morgan & Morgan. We’re the nation’s leading plaintiffs’ law firm, with more than $15 billion recovered on behalf of our clients. –

3. Gay & Chacker, Attorneys at Law

In Pennsylvania, New Jersey and neighboring states, assault can fall into a number of categories, including harassment, menacing, stalking, reckless endangerment, simple or first degree assault, and aggravated or second degree assault. –

4. Rosen Justice Injury Lawyers

The assault and battery attorneys in Philadelphia at Rosen Justice Injury Lawyers fight for those who have been victimized by assault. Everyone has a right to be safe under the law. The offender may be criminally charged. But criminal charges alone may not be sufficient justice for a victim. You may also claim financial compensation for assault and battery and hold the offender accountable through a civil claim. The assault and battery attorneys in Philadelphia at Rosen Justice Injury Lawyers are experienced assault and violent crime attorneys. We can help you claim compensation.

5. Rizio, Hamilton & Kane, P.C.

There are two avenues to pursue an assault and/or battery claim. The victim can pursue a criminal case, in which the assailant is brought up on criminal charges. The victim can also pursue a civil lawsuit, in which the victim would recover money damages as compensation for his or her injuries resulting from the assault and/or battery. Some victims pursue both avenues in order to get full justice. Our assault and battery attorneys handle the civil aspect of assault and battery claims. –

6. SKA Law Group

Assault and battery are usually classified as crimes against another person.  Assault is an intentional, unlawful threat (spoken or acted) to do violence to someone else in a way that makes such violence appear imminent.  Battery occurs when a person actually follows through by using force or violence against another person and causes bodily harm to another person.

In Pennsylvania, Assault and Battery are different offenses and can be charged as a felony or misdemeanor, based on different factors.  The severity of the attack, prior history of abuse, or previous Assault and Battery convictions can weigh in on the charge. –

7. Brian Zeiger

If you were arrested and charged with the crimes of assault, aggravated assault, or simple assault, contact the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, criminal defense attorneys at The Zeiger Firm. Our criminal defense attorneys understand the differences between these crimes and will zealously defend you against these charges. Generally, an assault is defined as an attempt or a threat to injure a person. Often, when our clients are charged with an assault crime, they are also charged with recklessly endangering another person (REAP) or possession of an instrument of crime (PIC). In Pennsylvania, there is no distinction under the law between assault and battery. Regardless of the charges, our lawyers can defend your case.

8. Zavodnick & Lasky

As the victim of an assault in Philadelphia, you may have the right to hold your attacker personally responsible for your injuries. The accomplished Philadelphia assault injury lawyers at Zavodnick & Lasky Personal Injury Lawyers can help you navigate this challenging time. Our law firm offers a free valuation, so don’t hesitate to call (215) 486-0401 to schedule yours today.

9. Link Law, LLC

Thousands of people are arrested for assault offenses in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties every year. It is important to hire an experienced Philadelphia assault attorney to fight these very serious charges immediately.

Many aggravated assault cases are won on the legal argument that the type of injury caused does not rise to the high standard set forth by the definition in the statute. –

10. David Jay Glassman Law Offices

Assault charges are serious criminal charges based upon an act of violence. If a weapon was used in the commission of a violent crime in Pennsylvania, the severity of the charges escalates accordingly, with harsher penalties and punishments in the case of a conviction.  If you have been accused of assault, it is important that you have an experienced, knowledgeable attorney by your side from start to finish. –