State Appeals

State Appeals for Criminal Offenses in Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Proper representation on appeal to reverse a criminal conviction at the state level for Pennsylvania or state Post-Conviction Relief Act (PCRA) representation.

The process of defense does not necessarily end after conviction and sentencing. A person is entitled, if they believe that they had an unfair trial or if they truly are innocent but it went unproven, to appeal their case to a higher court. In fact, you may have the right to appeal even your conviction and sentence. A qualified Philadelphia State Appeals Attorney from can help you plan your state appeal.

STATE APPEALS ATTORNEY IN PHILADELPHIAEven if you have pleaded guilty, you may be able to challenge your sentence under certain conditions. After being convicted of or pleading guilty to a crime, many individuals want a fresh set of eyes to review their case and to determine whether there are reasons why the Pennsylvania Superior Court, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, or Appellate Division Court should either reverse the conviction or reduce the sentence imposed by the judge.

This process is not possible without an outspoken, experienced and skillful Philadelphia State Appeals Attorney by the side of the defendant to help them navigate through the appeals process. If you are in need of a qualified lawyer for post-sentencing appeals, contact us today.

In Pennsylvania, there are two types of appeal: direct and PCRA (Post Conviction Relief Act). A direct appeal is what people normally think about when they want an appeal, to appeal a decision made by the judge in the trial or to appeal something the prosecutor did that was not fair during trial. A PCRA appeal is much different.

The three main types of PCRA appeals are based on:

  • Appealing a mistake that the defendant’s own lawyer made
  • Newly discovered evidence
  • An illegal sentence

Because post-trial motions requesting trial courts to change their own judgments or order new jury trials are so seldom successful, the defendant who hopes to overturn a guilty verdict must usually appeal. The defendant may challenge the conviction itself or may appeal the trial court’s sentencing decision without actually challenging the underlying conviction.

Normally an appellate court will overturn a guilty verdict only if the trial court made an error of law that significantly contributed to the outcome. Put differently, an error by the trial judge will not lead to a reversal of a conviction as long as the error can reasonably be considered harmless.

An Experienced Philadelphia State Appeals Attorney Understands the Appeals Process

Many times, the difference between an overturned conviction and wasted money and time is a confident, investigative and skilled Philadelphia State Appeals Attorney. We at understand the appeals process and will work with you tirelessly every step of the process to gain the best possible outcome.

At our law firm, we represent individuals seeking new counsel to their handle criminal appeals in Philadelphia. Our Philadelphia State Appeals Attorneys are practiced advocates who have represented previously in appeals from convictions and sentences. When you need a Philadelphia State Appeals Attorney to represent you in an appeal from a sentence or conviction in a Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas, contact our office today.