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We have experience defensing against persons accused of theft, robbery, burglary, stealing, shoplifting, and receiving stolen goods.

BEST PHILADELPHIA BURGLARY ATTORNEYWhen facing a burglary charge, it is easy to become confused, anxious and defeated. These charges can be severe, and one certainly wouldn’t want to place their trust in an inferior legal practice. You need a Philadelphia Burglary Lawyer that will defend you.

The legal expertise that our law firm can offer someone charged with burglary or a related crime is unparalleled and historically excellent. We use aggressive defense strategies to protect the accused during burglary and other theft-related cases.

A Philadelphia Burglary Lawyer that Works Hard for Your Freedom

Our Philadelphia Burglary Attorneys offer knowledgeable and insistent representation to our clients facing misdemeanor or felony charges for an array of offenses. One cannot afford not to have a Philadelphia Burglary Attorney from on their side.

Burglary Definition

Burglary is commonly defined as entering a building with the intent to commit a crime such as theft, assault or destruction of property. Even if nothing is taken or damaged, merely entering a home, business or abandoned property without permission is illegal. Robbery, however, is taking property by force or threat, from purse-snatching to holding up a convenience store.

Hire a Philadelphia Burglary Attorney that Considers the Important Details

Oftentimes, burglary charges are inappropriate given the mitigating situations. Philadelphia Burglary Attorneys at our law firm understand that no charge is committed in a vacuum, and can work to have charges dropped or lessened given the situation surrounding the arrest.

For example, many of the burglary charges levied in the United States stem from a civil dispute between two people who know each other. Most often, this is between former roommates or former relationship partners trying to reclaim items that are either shared or personal property.

While burglary charges usually suggest that the alleged victim was not present, confrontations during the incident can increase charges. Philadelphia Burglary Attorneys from our office will work tirelessly to ensure that all accused are given fair consideration and that they are not prosecuted unnecessarily.

The tireless efforts of this law firm are invaluable to any person convicted of burglary, robbery or another theft related charge. Our Philadelphia Burglary Attorney team will work diligently and with utmost urgency to ensure the protection of our clients.