Philadelphia Criminal Code

Understanding the Pennsylvania Criminal Code

A criminal code is a set of rules, offenses and regulations as well as sentencing guidelines that are laid down by a state in collaboration with a particular city or municipality. Every state and city have a criminal code, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the City of Philadelphia are no exception.

PHILADELPHIA CRIMINAL CODEMost average citizens do not have a full and comprehensive knowledge of the criminal code that applies to them, and they are therefore ill-equipped to face charges by themselves. In situations where you or a loved one is facing charges under the criminal code, it is wisest to employ the services of a highly experienced criminal defense attorney. Many attorneys in the Philadelphia area specialize in the Philadelphia criminal code, and are highly knowledgeable about the nuances of the criminal code.

There are certain aspects of the Philadelphia criminal code that are unique and do not necessarily apply to other areas of the state. For example, as Philadelphia is a class one city, ‘open carrying’ or possession of an unconcealed weapon is prohibited, even with a license and proper permits. This can be considered a felony offense and has mandated minimum punishments.  Another example involves the trial of municipal offenses through the Philadelphia area traffic courts. This is different than the way municipal offenses are tried throughout the rest of the state.

In addition to Philadelphia-specific offenses, the criminal code also outlines a multitude of offenses that are regulated at the state level. While there is a sentencing minimum for assault with a deadly weapon outlined on the Philadelphia criminal code, it does not differ from that of the Pennsylvania minimum.

The Pennsylvania criminal code sets the standard that the Philadelphia criminal code must follow. While Philadelphia may add some additional offenses to its own list, or add region specific offenses, those who set the city-level code may not disregard the mandates set down by the state.

Philadelphia area clients can all profit by hiring a qualified defense attorney with a comprehensive knowledge of the criminal code. While the Philadelphia criminal code and Pennsylvania criminal code is widely published and available for all persons to peruse, it is difficult to understand and has many nuances where it can be confusing.

When it comes to legal matters that affect you, your company, or your family; it is best to place trust in the hands of professionals legal counsel who fully understand the Philadelphia criminal code, and who will be able to fully utilize their considerable knowledge to aid their clients.