Philadelphia Vehicular Homicide Lawyer

Philadelphia Vehicular Homicide Lawyer

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Philadelphia Vehicular Homicide Lawyer

Criminal Defense for Homicide by Vehicle

Philadelphia criminal trial lawyer Peter Scuderi has experience defending persons involved killing another individual as a result of an automobile accident caused by driving under the influence of alcohol.

Philadelphia Vehicular Homicide LawyerA simple car accident can turn serious in an instant. For example, even if the car accident was not entirely your fault, the death of another driver can cause any involved. It is critical that you obtain the services of a competent and aggressive Philadelphia Vehicular Homicide Lawyer who will fight to ensure that your rights are protected if you have been involved in an accident where lives have been lost.

If convicted of vehicular homicide, you are sure to face myriad consequences. You could end up losing your driver's license, spending years in jail, or be required to pay enormous fines.

An Expert Philadelphia Vehicular Homicide Lawyer

When facing a vehicular homicide charge, several factors are taken into account. A superior law firm and Philadelphia Vehicular Homicide Lawyer acting as counsel will make all of the circumstances known to the court ahead of time, as some of them can mitigate the sentencing.

  • Intention: If there was no malicious intention involved; penalties can be greatly decreased or even removed. A true accident will be treated as such. However; if there was any malicious intention or if there was well known animosity between the two parties, further investigation will be necessary.
  • Alcohol: The presence of alcohol can greatly exacerbate the severity of sentencing. Drinking and driving alone does not establish guilt for homicide charges, and quality legal council will make this known. Don't allow lawyers of poor quality to make this an issue in vehicular homicide cases.
  • Negligence: The establishment of whether it was really due to negligence on the part of the accused can greatly change the outcome of a trial. If it is proved that the death was not linked to negligence than punishment can be reduced or even removed. This, compounded with the intent of the accused are the two most important factors in a case.
  • Prior History: Some courts will take into account the prior criminal history of the accused. Alcohol abuse, previous drug convictions and other factors which may have not even influenced the event could be presented. A great Philadelphia Vehicular Homicide Lawyer will present all of the facts, especially how these prior records are unrelated.

If you are facing criminal vehicular homicide charges, it is important to act in a timely manner. It is critical that you obtain the services of a competent Philadelphia Vehicular Homicide Lawyer who will fight to ensure that your rights are protected.

This type of trustworthy, hardworking legal professional can be found at the law offices of Peter J. Scuderi. If you or a loved one is facing potential vehicular homicide charges, contact our offices.

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